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Happy October Mason Road Family!!

With the new month starting, everyone at Mason Road School has their foot on the gas pedal as we are now taking a dive into the curriculum. Curriculum Based Measurements (more information on this is provided in this newsletter) have given all the teachers a baseline of where students are currently functioning with their academic strengths and weaknesses. We are now taking off and the teaching and learning is happening! You will be surprised with the information students will be coming home to share. They are learning all kinds of things from the five senses to fable stories. Math problem solving and number identification is showing us that there are a lot of mathematicians out there!

I need to touch upon something that is extremely important. Along with the academic learning, there is social/emotional learning a well. This year we are finding that the needs of students is at an all time high (which is perfectly fine) but we really need your help. The important thing to remember, each and everyday, is that the learning starts at home. When students are off to a good start, chances are, their school day will be successful. When their day starts off rocky and there are struggles, this could (not always) carry over into school. I ask that if your child is struggling in the morning, please let us know so we can be prepared to give them the support they need to turn things around so that they have a successful day. We cannot help to support if we do not know what is going on and, let's face it, our young students are not always going to share. It is essential that both home and school work together to ensure that the learning experience is a successful one. A quick phone call or email will go a long way.

I am excited to see what this month brings as I know it is full of amazing things that we are going to do here at Mason Road School. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Jen D.